Friday, January 28, 2011

The Restoration of All Things (Part 23)

For church on Sunday, we were going to all go up on the parkway, eat crackers and cheese, and read the last chapter of Job.

Joseph, Jordan, the Hanwell's, Lynday and I carpooled together in the Hanwell's van.

When we got there, it was suddenly very apparent that I had once again failed to dress appropriately for the weather. I had forgotten how cold it gets on top of the mountain! Fortunately, Genevieve has always been brilliant at thinking ahead and had taken throw blankets along. Everyone grabbed one and we sat on the edge of the overlook to watch the sunset as we read. 

The last chapter of Job is such a bombshell of glory, and when it was over, we all just sat in stillness, watching the sun go down in flames. Since I was wearing shorts, I put my blanket over my knees, but my shoulders were still cold with my no-sleeves. 

Joseph noticed. 

He came over ever so quietly and sat down next to me, tossing his blanket over both of our shoulders. 

We were sharing a blanket. Oh no! There had to be some kind of rule against this. 

In the van on the way home, when I put my foot up on Joseph's armrest, he took it under his arm and squeezed my toes to warm them up. 

"Are you a player?" Lynday asked. 

"What? No." Joseph said softly, with his concerned eyebrows on, "Why do you ask?" 

"Oh I'm just checking. Some guys are players, you know."

When we got back to the Hanwell's house, Joseph picked up my guitar to jam with Banjo, and Genevieve took my hand, whispered impishly for me to come with her, pulled me through the kitchen and straight into the pantry.

I climbed onto the washing machine and she climbed onto the dryer. 

"You shared a blanket!", she whispered excitedly.

"What! I mean... yeah I guess we did", I whispered as quietly as I could.

"Did he hold your hand?!" 

"No! No he didn't! Why would he do that?!" 

"You don't want him to?" 

"No! I don't... I don't know! Anyway I think he has a girlfriend!" 

"We'll kill 'er!" 

"Shhhh! Genevieve!", I was absolutely cracking up. 

And we gave up trying to talk through giggles and attempts to stay quiet. We agreed that we had to get out of the pantry before someone caught us. 

When I stumbled out into the living room again, Joseph beamed at me as he nodded along with the music he and Banjo were concocting. 

Oh clueless friend.


  1. I laughed out loud (literally) when 'Lynday' asked Joe if he was a player. She would totally do that.